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In the news Today, the business news media Erhverv+ posted an article about Clendev ApS and our work in disposing of waste plastics utilizing the pyrolysis technology. As the carbon fuel our plants will produce is converted into chemicals by… Continue Reading…

New Office

New Office


During September 2020 we moved to our new offices at the Lindo Port of Odense. Lindoe used to be the largest Danish Shipyard. For years they build some of the most advanced ships whether we talk about container vessels or… Continue Reading…



Today we have the pleasure of being able to present our company and our products to HHX Svendborg. It happens as part of the International Entrepreneurship Week. Now the students have to work with input and solutions for us, which… Continue Reading…

The Maritime Hub

Ocean Plastic

WE at Plast2oil are very proud to be a part of the organization Fyns Maritime Klynge. It is an organization that enables business development within the maritime industry. Their focus on maritime competences and green shipping is a perfect match… Continue Reading…



On August the 27th, Plastindustrien hosts a conference on chemical recycling of plastics. The conference focuses on the latest knowledge about chemical recycling and where the trend is going.We at Plast2oil ApS are very happy to be one of today’s many… Continue Reading…

Plastfree Ocean

Ocean Plastic

We are really pleased to announce that we today have signed a letter of intent with Plastfree Ocean on a close collaboration to minimize plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, the Mediterranean is one of the most polluted oceans,… Continue Reading…

Plastic is many things

Waste plastic

Talking about waste plastic, it is important to remember that there are many levels of waste plastic. When we have emptied a bottle of Coca Cola, the bottle is basically waste plastic. Fortunately, it can be a part of a… Continue Reading…

We have plenty of oil


This comment often comes when people hear that our plants are converting plastic into oil. There are a number of factors to keep in mind in this regard. Plastic is produced from a large amount of oil. Our plant, through… Continue Reading…

Ocean Plastic Forum

Ocean Plastic

The rapidly growing volume of Ocean Plastic is an ever-increasing environmental problem. Plastic is now found in a frighteningly large percentage of fish and birds. Fortunately, many companies and organizations around the world are doing something active about the problem.… Continue Reading…

Our mission

Waste plastic

It makes a lot of sense for us to do something active about the growing environmental problems and at the same time do it in a commercial way. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and methods that… Continue Reading…

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    Plast2oil is a company that develops, builds, and operates plants that permanently remove waste plastic by processing it into carbon fuel which again is converted to chemicals and new plastic.