We have two types of plants that are part of our cases. One type is stationary onshore plant and the other one is small mobile plant that can be set up where needed.


We sell our carbon fuel to companies who can process it into sustainable products.


For a fee we can take your non-recyclable waste plastic and process it.

CO2 Quotes

It are ready to sell our CO2 qoutes to companies who has a need for it.

Stationary Installations

We have several sizes of plants, but the principles in them are all the same. There are several pyrolysis converters operating in parallel. It makes it possible to take a single line out for maintenance without affecting the operation of the other production lines.


This plant fits in size to be able to purchase plastic from small to medium size cities or from larger companies with waste plastics.


This plant fits in size to be able to handle plastic from medium to larger size cities or areas where several small cities close by.


This plant should be located in strategic places in large cities. Besides households, airports and harbours are a good fit too.

Mobile Plants

1 kg
plastic per day

Small continues feeded reactor fitted into a 20ft container ready to be transporter and located where needed.

1 kg
Plastic per day

2 small continues feeded reactors fitted into a 40ft. container ready for transportation and can be located on site where needed.

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Other technologies

We are constantly working to identify and develop technologies that can solve environmental challenges.

Under development


We are working to find suitable methods for removing blades from wind turbines. The challenge is to break down the fiberglass from the blades into reusable outputs. We have passed successful tests and we are now working hard to find a commercial solution. This solution can also be used for other products that include fiberglass. It can for example. be both made of fiberglass.Fiberglass

under development


IThere are a large number of products that today cannot be disposed. Instead, the product is deposited in a landfill until there is a viable method of disposal.

One of these products is the insulation material that is used to insulate pipes, cavities, coolers and more. We are developing methods that can dispose these types of products without environmental consequences.

under development

Plastic Pretreatment

The plastic that we receive is typically of varying sizes. It is wet and contaminated with various materials. It has been found that the pre-treatment of the plastic is of great importance to our process.

In our study, we look at what the different stages of pre-treatment mean for the pyrolysis process and the plant’s ongoing maintenance. We also look at what this means for reducing the transport and storage of the plastic. The overall environmental impact is always a part of our studies.

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