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Ocean Plastic

WE at Plast2oil are very proud to be a part of the organization Fyns Maritime Klynge. It is an organization that enables business development within the maritime industry. Their focus on maritime competences and green shipping is a perfect match… Continue Reading…

Plastfree Ocean

Ocean Plastic

We are really pleased to announce that we today have signed a letter of intent with Plastfree Ocean on a close collaboration to minimize plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, the Mediterranean is one of the most polluted oceans,… Continue Reading…

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Ocean Plastic

The rapidly growing volume of Ocean Plastic is an ever-increasing environmental problem. Plastic is now found in a frighteningly large percentage of fish and birds. Fortunately, many companies and organizations around the world are doing something active about the problem.… Continue Reading…

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    Plast2oil is a company that develops, builds, and operates plants that permanently remove waste plastic by processing it into carbon fuel which again is converted to chemicals and new plastic.