We have plenty of oil

This comment often comes when people hear that our plants are converting plastic into oil. There are a number of factors to keep in mind in this regard. Plastic is produced from a large amount of oil. Our plant, through pyrolysis, chemically transforms the plastic into oil. Does it make sense? Yes, very much because:

For every gallon of oil we extract from waste plastic, we replace crude oil that comes from Russia, the Middle East or perhaps from the very polluting shale oil. Crude oil first has to be pumped up from the underground. It must be stored and transported several times before reaching consumers. Transport has great costs climatically and economically.

In addition, there is a waste of oil in the process from crude oil to finished diesel fuel. Therefore, more than 1 liter of crude oil must be extracted to replace 1 liter of our oil.

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    Plast2oil is a company that develops, builds, and operates plants that permanently remove waste plastic by processing it into carbon fuel which again is converted to chemicals and new plastic.