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Plastic is many things

Talking about waste plastic, it is important to remember that there are many levels of waste plastic. When we have emptied a bottle of Coca Cola, the bottle is basically waste plastic. Fortunately, it can be a part of a healthy recycling system, so it is possible to use it again and again. We are not interested in that kind of plastic. Good quality waste plastic with no pollution should be recycled in some way and not be converted into oil by plants like ours.

Our plants work well with waste plastic, that is contaminated with e.g. organic materials. It makes our plants very suitable for disposing of contaminated plastic from households. It is the type of plastic that today is burned in heating plants or sent to landfills.

So instead of going up in smoke, we can turn the non-recyclable plastic into oil, which through our partners again will be transformed into new chemicals. This, we think, is a better and more environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, our surplus heat can also be included in the production of district heating. It is something that we are very interested in.

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    Plast2oil is a company that develops, builds, and operates plants that permanently remove waste plastic by processing it into carbon fuel which again is converted to chemicals and new plastic.